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The Finger Lakes Region of New York State is beautiful and varied. There are plenty of places to hike, kayak, and explore the outdoors. Then there are the quaint downtowns to spend all day shopping, museums for all ages and interests, and the hustle and bustle of the city — this place truly has something for everyone.

The region is best known for being New York’s largest wine-producing region, the stunning natural landscape, and, of course, the lakes from which it gets its name. Of course, we can’t forget the coffee shops in this New York region.

The coffee shops of the Finger Lakes Region vary as much as the area itself. Whether the coffee is simple or taken to new and exciting places with unique blends or additions, the shops all share the goal of making delicious coffee and sourcing locally roasted beans. Whatever part of the region you’re in, there is always going to be a coffee shop waiting to welcome you. Here are the top 10 coffee shops in Finger Lakes.

(featured image via Instagram; Instagram)

10. Cricket’s Coffee – Geneseo, NY

Two coffee options from Cricket's Coffee - Geneseo, NY(image via Instagram)

While it may be in a college town, Cricket’s Coffee is more than just coffee for college students. After a change of location in 2023, Cricket’s serves far more than your basic coffee house fare. Whatever time of day you’re there, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.

Looking for a quick pick-me-up in the morning? Brunch with friends? A night out with dinner and drinks? Cricket’s has you covered. The new location on Center Street in Geneseo places it right next to the Geneseo Riviera, where you can catch a movie or show, and right down the street from a number of local shops and bars, making it a perfect go-to for a day out.

9. Peaks Coffee Co – Syracuse, NY

Coffee cup on wooden table next to flower in vase at Peaks Coffee Co - Syracuse, NY(image via Instagram)

Peaks Coffee Co believes that life is all about enjoying your peaks and enduring your valleys, and that’s why its mission statement is to “meet people in their peaks and valleys.”  There’s a huge selection of brews to choose from, but if you can’t decide, Peaks Coffee Co also offers a subscription service to get your coffee delivered.

With a more industrial and minimalistic look, Peaks Coffee Co certainly stands out from the vibe of many other coffee shops on this list. They also recognize that to make truly good coffee, sometimes you have to focus on just the coffee and let someone else handle the food. That’s why many of the sweet treats are produced by The Sweet Praxis, a bakery located just a few blocks away in Syracuse.

8. Old School Cafe – Naples, NY

Exterior of Old School Cafe - Naples, NY(image via Instagram)

The Finger Lakes Region is known for many things: beautiful scenery to explore, wine, and, as of 2021, it’s also known for having a cafe set in a 150-year-old school building. As you might have guessed, the Old School Cafe in Naples focuses on doing things the old-school way. Gotta admit — Old School Cafe does it well!

If you’re looking for a true breakfast (or even lunch), Old School Cafe is the perfect place to swing by since the cinnamon rolls are made in-house, and there’s a pretty big menu with items like smoked salmon benedict and a meatloaf burger. Old School Cafe goes to show you don’t need a fancy gimmick to make tasty coffee and mouthwatering food.

7. Leaf & Bean Coffee Co. – Chili, NY

Two people holding their coffee selections from Leaf & Bean Coffee Co. - Chili, NY(image via Instagram)

With 42 different blends of coffee and 17 blends of tea, Leaf & Bean Coffee Company is sure to have something for everyone. Leaf & Bean Coffee Co is one of the few coffee shops with a truly expansive selection of tea. Beyond just a chai latte or a basic black tea, it has numerous options for tea lovers.

The coffee blends Leaf & Bean Coffee Co. serves vary daily, so there is always something different to try. One great thing about this shop is that all the blends are available for purchase both online and in-store, so you can take your favorite home with you or order after you’ve run out of your top brew. The welcoming interior, beautiful outdoor patio, and photo-op-ready murals make Leaf & Bean Coffee Co. a must-try in the Finger Lakes Region.

6. Union Street Coffee House – Spencerport, NY

Collage of two drink options from Union Street Coffee House - Spencerport, NY(image via Instagram; Instagram)

Union Street Coffee House in Spencerport feels like a place where you can spend your entire day. The interior of the shop somehow ties modern style with comfy charm. There are plenty of leather chairs to sit in, stunning light fixtures, and lots of natural light through the front window — it’s like getting a little bit of Southern charm in the North.

The breakfast and lunch menus are served all day, and there’s an extensive drink menu with options like frozen hot chocolate and a blended chai. While you can get your coffee to go, Union Street Coffee House is best for those who want to sit and relax for a moment. One little suggestion: get the baklava if it’s available.

5. Working Class Coffee – Canandaigua, NY

Collage of two drink options from Working Class Coffee - Canandaigua, NY(image via Instagram; Instagram)

For those looking to try more unconventional options, Working Class Coffee in Canandaigua is the place to be. The menu features a plethora of unique coffee blends, as well as seasonal and limited-edition blends. There are also some out-of-the-box food choices, like whipped ricotta toast and a French onion grilled cheese sandwich.

On Friday nights, the coffee shop transforms into a wine bar, allowing customers to try out more specialty treats while they sample some wine. That gives you an authentic taste of what the Finger Lakes region boasts about — deliciously fine wine. Finally, the last special feature to mention is the monthly Supper Club, where Working Class Coffee hosts a beautiful and unique multi-course meal with drinks included. This makes it a great spot not only for your caffeine fix but also for an unparalleled experience.

4. Grounded Coffee – Geneva, NY

Person holding Grounded customized cup from Grounded Coffee - Geneva, NY(image via Instagram)

Opened in 2023, Grounded Coffee Geneva is the kind of coffee shop that feels like coming home and putting down some roots. It has a cozy vibe and a smaller menu that allows them to truly focus on coffee, making Grounded a great place to grab a cup of joe.

The Downton Geneva location makes them the perfect stop, whether you’re on the run doing errands or looking to sit and people-watch for a while. The space sometimes hosts musicians to play intimate shows. What makes this location stand out is the fact you can bring your pups with you. Not to mention, it has a deliciously balanced cortado — a stellar choice.

3. Ugly Duck Coffee – Rochester, NY

Latte art from Ugly Duck Coffee - Rochester, NY(image via Instagram)

Rochester, NY has plenty of options for coffee, as it’s one of the largest cities in the Finger Lakes Region. Ugly Duck Coffee stands out as one of the best. Starting as a pop-up espresso bar in 2015, it quickly settled into a brick-and-mortar location that focused on making sure the coffee is the best it can be.

Beyond the usual drinks, Ugly Duck Coffee also serves a few more outside-the-box options, including one that features spicy chocolate sauce, another with clove syrup, and yet another featuring cranberry bitters. Occasionally, feature guest roasters stop by to serve unique blends made by smaller roasters that change out regularly. Basically, there’s always something new to try.

2. Botanist Coffee House – Ithaca, NY

A latte nestled among potted plants at Botanist Coffee House - Ithaca, NY(image via Instagram)

Opened in 2021, Botanist Coffee House focuses on not only serving delicious coffee but also on serving a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere that really sets it apart. The coffee house shares its home in Ithica with a flower shop called Floristry. This results in a space full of greenery and flowers to peruse while you drink your coffee.

Speaking of the coffee – Botanist Coffee is locally roasted in Cortland, NY. Are you sensing a theme? This top-tier coffee shop is all about keeping it local. This coffee shop also ensures its maple syrup and honey are local, which taste delicious in the coffee. While Botanist Coffee remains take-out only at the moment, Botanist is still a beautiful, unique place to grab a cup of coffee (and maybe a plant or two).

1. Soul Full Cup – Corning, NY

Latte served with colorful rainbow bagels at the coffeeshop Soul Full Cup - Corning, NY(image via Instagram)

Since 1996, Soul Full Cup has been excelling in the coffee scene. One thing that stands out is its location. Found in Corning, Soul Full Cup is just a few blocks down from The Rockwell Museum and less than a mile from the Corning Museum of Glass, making it a perfect stop on the way to either (or both) museums.

Moreover, Soul Full Cup truly focuses on coffee and just coffee. With a plethora of blends of the highest-grade Arabica coffee beans, Soul Full Cup is dedicated to making the best coffee available. Black or with sugar and cream, no doubt any cup of joe from this Finger Lakes coffee shop will be top-quality.