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Each of the 50 United States adds its own piece of landscapes and culture that contributes to creating a great and diverse nation. Within each state, there are places that are simply too enticing to pass up. Arizona is no exception. Let’s take a look at some of the state’s most memorable spots.

10. “The Wave”

Located on the Utah border, this rock formation is a favorite of photographers and hikers. “The Wave” features colorful layers of sandstone produced by years of erosion, forming a trackless trail that is only made available to a limited number of visitors each day (to prevent unnecessary damage).

the wave geological feature in arizona

(image via Flickr)

9. Chapel of the Holy Cross

Sedona is full of absolutely beautiful canyon areas, but it is more famously home to the Chapel of the Holy Cross. Perched on the cliffside of Coconino National Forest, this chapel has sat 250 feet high since its lengthy construction was completed in 1956. This humble example of architectural prowess is the perfect place for peaceful meditation.

the chapel of the holy cross on top of a cliff

(image via Flickr)

8. Grand Canyon Skywalk

Allowing you to experience both the bottom and the rim of this natural wonder, the Grand Canyon Skywalk is truly an experience unlike any other. Extending more than 70 feet over the edge, the u-shaped bridge provides visitors with an opportunity to look over 4,000 feet below them into the Colorado River. If you are lucky, you will be able to see eagles flying beneath you.

people observing the grand canyon on a skywalk

(image via Flickr)

7. Pizzeria Bianco

Found in the heart of downtown Phoenix, this famous restaurant has earned a reputation for both quality and ambiance. Since it first opened its doors in 1987 inside a grocery store, Pizzeria Bianco has garnered a large following. It is not unusual for people to wait four hours to get a slice of this delicious treat.

exterior of the famous pizzaria bianco

(image via Flickr)

6. Soleri Bridge and Plaza

In what is an all too common irony, this Civil Rights landmark is actually named for a Confederate general. The Edmund Pettus Bridge was the site of the infamous Bloody Sunday, a day when peaceful civil rights protesters tried to march to the state capital but were brutally beaten and attacked by police as they tried to cross the Alabama River.

the solieri bridge

(image via Flickr)

5. Ostrich Racing at the Ostrich Festival

Over the course of three days, this festival provides Chandler with a wide variety of entertainment, including live music, fried foods, and animal performances. The main attraction is the ostrich racing, which displays the bird’s ability to run more than 40 miles per hour. These creatures are able to pull jockeys on chariots behind them as they dart toward the finish line.

two ostriches racing at a festival

(image via Flickr)

4. Taliesin West

As one of the world’s most iconic architects, Frank Lloyd Wright made his mark on the industry. Visit Taliesin West, his winter home in Scottsdale, which serves as a testament to his remarkable vision. This gorgeous structure uses the wonders of the Sonoran Desert to its advantage and serves as the location for the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture.

the exterior of taliesin west house

(image via Flickr)

3. Las Noches de las Luminarias

The holidays are always a festive time. At the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, the celebration takes the form of Las Noches de las Luminarias, the lighting of over 8,000 luminaria bags to illuminate the night sky each night in December. The evenings are complemented by a full mariachi band performing Christmas favorites.

lights at the Las Noches de las Luminarias festival

(image via Flickr)

2. The Native Trails

One of Scottsdale’s most exciting events, the Native Trails celebration pays tribute to the rich culture and heritage of the tribes of in the Arizona region. The songs and dances of various tribes are performed in an attempt to educate locals and visitors alike. People of all cultures are brought together by the drum performance, which goes beyond the restrictions of spoken language.

a performance at native trials

(image via Flickr)

1. Dolly Steamboat Dinner

In the heart of the Tonto National Forest in Apache Junction lies Canyon Lake, a breathtaking break from urban life. Over the course of an hour and a half, the Dolly Steamboat carries visitors around the lake, highlighting rock formations and native animal species. The Twilight Dinner Cruise provides a romantic view of the sunset while you are enjoying your choice of items from a gourmet buffet.

dolly steamboat dinner

(image via Facebook)

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