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Let’s begin a caffeinated journey through the picturesque landscapes of West Virginia. We explore the top 10 coffeehouses that define the state’s vibrant coffee culture. Our odyssey begins with Mea Cuppa Coffee Lounge, an inviting sanctuary for coffee aficionados boasting three quaint locations nestled within Charleston, WV.

We continue our journey through charming towns and bustling cities, discovering the finest brews and warmest welcomes along the way. From artisanal roasters to cozy cafes, each destination promises a unique experience steeped in the rich aromas and flavors that define West Virginia’s coffee scene. Let’s raise our cups and toast to the perfect blend of community and caffeine. Grouped by region and in no particular ranking, these are the 10 best coffeehouses in West Virginia.

Metro Valley (Southwest)

Mea Cuppa Coffee Lounge

Mea Cuppa Coffee Lounge with a cup of coffee and ornaments(image via Mea Cuppa Coffee)

Mea Cuppa Coffee Lounge is a welcoming haven for coffee enthusiasts, boasting three cozy locations nestled within Charleston, WV. This independent gem offers more than just a cup of joe; it provides a communal atmosphere where patrons can unwind, socialize, and savor quality brews.

With its friendly ambiance and personalized service, Mea Cuppa Coffee has become a cherished spot for locals and visitors alike. Whether indulging in a meticulously crafted espresso or enjoying a leisurely brunch, guests are treated to a delightful experience. From the first sip to the last, Mea Cuppa Coffee embodies the essence of charm and hospitality in Charleston’s bustling coffee scene.

Grindstone Coffeeology

Grindstone Coffeeology bags of coffee grounds and cup of coffee(image via Grindstone Coffeeology)

Grindstone Coffeeology is a vibrant addition to Huntington, founded by Australians with a deep love for exceptional coffee. Embracing the ethos of specialty coffee, they’re here to introduce the West Virginia coffee community to their passion for exquisite brews.

Their journey began in the heart of Australia. Now, they’re thrilled to bring their expertise to Huntington, infusing every cup with their commitment to quality and flavor. Beyond serving stellar coffee, they aim to foster a warm and welcoming atmosphere, inviting locals to savor not just the taste, but the experience of coffee culture.

Daily Dose Cafe

Cup of west virginia coffee from Daily Dose Cafe with a Be Happy sign behind(image via Daily Dose Café)

Lastly in this region is Daily Dose Cafe. Located in the heart of West Virginia, Daily Dose offers a vibrant array of delights to satisfy every palate. Welcoming locals and travelers alike, this cozy café is a haven for coffee aficionados, tea enthusiasts, and health-conscious patrons.

From rich, aromatic brews to refreshing smoothies and CBD-infused beverages, there’s something to tantalize taste buds of all kinds. Whether craving a savory bagel or a wholesome frittata, a hearty sandwich, or a flavorful wrap, patrons are treated to a menu brimming with culinary delights.

Mountain Lakes/Mountaineer Country (Central)

Appalachian Coffee House

Cup of coffee from Appalachian Coffee House with customized sleeve(image via Appalachian Coffee House)

Located in the quaint town of Mount Nebo, West Virginia, Appalachian Coffee House stands as a beacon of warmth and community. This local gem offers more than just coffee; it’s a sanctuary for coffee aficionados and seekers of flavorful experiences alike.

From the moment you step through its doors, the aroma of freshly ground organic coffee beans envelops you, inviting you to indulge in their meticulously crafted beverages. Whether you crave a classic espresso or a unique specialty drink like their signature maple bourbon latte, each sip is a delight. With its cozy ambiance and friendly staff, Appalachian Coffee House is where locals gather to savor the simple joys of life.

Mountaineer Roasting Co. Coffee & Bar

Pouring a cup of coffee into glass from Mountaineer Roasting Co. Coffee & Bar(image via Mountaineer Roasting Co)

Located in the heart of West Virginia University’s campus, Mountaineer Roasting Co. Coffee & Bar emerged in 2017, aiming to redefine the coffee scene in the Mountain State. Initially a campus-based operation, their quest for excellence soon propelled them beyond the university grounds.

Transitioning to a dedicated roastery and cafe on Maple Drive in 2021 marked a significant milestone, solidifying their commitment to delivering top-tier coffee experiences. With a focus on specialty coffee, they’ve garnered a reputation as a trusted wholesale supplier and community hub. Mountaineer Roasting’s unwavering dedication to quality ensures every sip reflects their passion for crafting the perfect cup.

The Coffee Tree Roasters

Flight of lattes from The Coffee Tree Roasters(image via Coffee Tree Roasters)

The Coffee Tree Roasters in West Virginia stands as Pittsburgh’s original coffee haven, renowned for its dedication to quality and community. Specializing in fresh-roasted coffee and artisanal espresso drinks, they elevate the experience with premium additions like 1883 syrups and Hollander sauces.

As a certified woman-owned enterprise, Coffee Tree Roasters prioritizes community engagement through initiatives like the “Brewing Success” program, empowering individuals and fostering collaboration. Partnering with local businesses such as Mindful Brewing, they strengthen ties within the area. Beyond beverages, Coffee Tree Roasters offers a delightful array of local sweets and treats. With its inviting ambiance, it’s the perfect spot for both social gatherings and productive work sessions.

New River—Greenbrier Valley (Southeast)

Chocolate Moose Coffees

Hand holding a cup of west virginia coffee from The Chocolate Moose (image via The Chocolate Moose)

Chocolate Moose Coffee is the heart of Beckley, WV, cherished for its rich brews and vibrant ambiance. Renowned for its freshly roasted coffees, it’s more than just a local haunt—it’s a state attraction. With luscious lattes, invigorating smoothies, and a plethora of teas and frappes, there’s something for every palate. Indulge in hand-scooped Hershey’s ice cream or opt for healthy fruit smoothies.

But it’s not just about the drinks; it’s an experience. The place also boasts an 18-hole mini golf course for leisurely afternoons and an indoor climbing gym for the adventurous. Chocolate Moose Coffee is where friends gather, memories are made, and coffee dreams come true.

Hilltop Coffee Co

Hilltop Coffee Co cup of west virginia coffee with lots of whipped cream and caramel drizzle(image via Hilltop Coffee Company)

Indulge in the rich aromas and exquisite flavors of Hilltop Coffee Co, a haven for coffee connoisseurs. Savor every sip of their gourmet espresso concoctions, meticulously crafted to perfection. Dive into the blissful world of blended beverages, where creamy textures meet delightful tastes.

Their diverse selection of snacks and treats complements your coffee experience, offering a symphony of sweet and savory delights. With two convenient locations, including their original shop in Crab Orchard and their latest addition within the New River Health facility in Oak Hill, they bring their passion for quality coffee and exceptional service closer to you. Elevate your coffee journey with Hilltop Coffee Co today.

Range Finder Coffee

Cup of coffee from Range Finder Coffee(image via Range Finder Coffee)

Located opposite the iconic Fayette Theater in Fayetteville, Range Finder Coffee stands as a beacon of craft and community. With pride, they brew ethically sourced beans roasted by esteemed artisans like La Terza Coffee in Cincinnati, ReAnimator Coffee from Philadelphia, Momi in Akron, and Passenger Coffee from Lancaster. If you’re looking to expand your taste buds beyond the immediate West Virginia coffee scene, you can do so at Range Finder without ever leaving the state.

Complementing their coffee selection, their loose-leaf specialty teas hail from the caring hands of MEM Tea in Boston. Every sip tells a story of careful curation and dedication to quality. Additionally, their baked goods, crafted by local community members, add a comforting touch to the Range Finder experience.

Eastern Panhandle

Sibling Coffee Roasters

Sibling Coffee Roasters two cups of coffee(image via Sibling Coffee Roasters)

Sibling Coffee Roasters, in Downtown Charles Town, West Virginia, epitomizes artisanal coffee culture. With a fervent commitment to excellence, they meticulously source micro-lot single-origin green coffee from across the globe.

Their mission? To unveil the distinctive flavors of the “coffee bean belt” to their patrons. They do so by instilling a profound appreciation for the nuances of each region. At SCR, they’re more than just roasters; they’re purveyors of experiences, fostering trust in every cup. Embracing the diversity of the coffee world, they invite connoisseurs to embark on a journey of discovery, one sip at a time.