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Rhode Island may be small, but it’s bustling with coffee shops across the state. In the city of Providence alone, there are over 23 cafes per capita, and that means there are a heck of a lot of places where you can grab a cup of coffee. However, that doesn’t mean they are all good.

Whether you are looking for a simple hot coffee with milk or a well-crafted cappuccino, the right cup of coffee can set the tone for the rest of your day. A bad cup of coffee can ruin your day, while the perfect cup can lift up your spirits.

Providence, Rhode Island, perhaps offers the greatest number of coffee shops in the state, but we’ll be covering the entire state for our top 10 list of the best coffee shops in Rhode Island. With that said, let’s take a look at what the state has to offer from Attleboro to Charlestown!

(featured image via Instagram)

10. The Coffee Exchange

Coffee Exchange(image via Instagram)

The Coffee Exchange, located in Providence, Rhode Island, has been serving sustainable coffee since 1984. Their Fair Trade coffees come from around the world, delivering exceptional quality that you can taste. Their organic beans use no artificial pesticides nor synthetic fertilizers, meaning healthier crops with reduced risk of carcinogens.

Their best sellers include a dark roast San Francisco Bay Blend, a dark espresso blend, and a light roast Kid from Brooklyn. Any one of these options would make an excellent choice for your morning pick-me-up.

9. The Nook Coffee House

The Nooke Coffee House(image via Instagram)

The Nook Coffee House in East Greenwich, Rhode Island, offers a wide variety of coffee styles to choose from. Whether you enjoy hot brewed coffee or cold brewed, lattes or cappuccinos, cortados, or Vietnamese coffee, there’s something for everyone here. Ingredients are simple with no fancy sweeteners, so you can actually taste the coffee.

But if you are in the mood for something sweeter or out of the ordinary, Nook Coffee House offers an array of seasonal flavors for your enjoyment. And on top of their coffee options, you’ll find teas, matcha lemonades, and much more!

8. Dave’s Coffee

Dave's(image via Instagram)

Located in Providence and Charlestown, Rhode Island, Dave’s Coffee may lack the fancy name of most coffee shops, but there’s a reason for that. Their coffee is no-nonsense. While you can get your coffee in a variety of styles, their choices are simple and come at an affordable cost. And for all those non-coffee drinkers out there, you’ll find plenty of teas and specialized coffee-free lattes that can give you a morning boost without all the caffeine.

Additionally, you’ll find a ton of healthy food items that you can enjoy for breakfast or lunch, including avocado toast, a breakfast sandwich, banana almond toast, and a Quinoa bowl. On top of that, Dave’s Coffee has sweet treats like an Apple Cider Donut or Maple Sage Butternut Bundt Cake.

7. Borealis Coffee Company

Borealis Coffee(image via Instagram)

The Borealis Coffee Company owns cafes in both Bristol and Riverside, Rhode Island. Their exceptional coffee-based drinks include the Americano, mocha, and just a simple but delectable double shot of espresso. Tea, hot chocolate, and Golden Milk are offered for guests, especially the little ones who don’t drink coffee.

A few bakery and food items are available as well, but the main focus at this café is beverages. Seasonal specials include a Harvest Latte, which is their version of a pumpkin spice latte, and River Cider with steamed milk. Of course, you can also take some of their fantastic coffee blends home with you.

6. Custom Coffee House

Custom Coffee House(image via Instagram)

Custom Coffee House offers spectacular coffee made to your preferences. Guests love the friendly service with a relaxing atmosphere. They offer a ton of drinks for when you are on the go, but there are also a variety of bean blends that you can take with you to brew at home.

Located in Newport, Rhode Island, Custom Coffee House boasts a passion for the art of coffee while selling its products at an affordable price. Rather than upcharging for a bag of coffee, they offer their coffee at the wholesale price. It’s also worth noting that discounts are offered to active military and veterans on Mondays!

5. Coffee Connection

Coffee Connection(image via Instagram)

Coffee Connection is a well-known coffee shop located in six different Rhode Island locations, including Providence, North Providence, Smithfield, Cumberland, North Attleboro, and Woonsocket. This coffee house is renowned for its commitment to serving high-quality coffee and providing a welcoming space for customers to enjoy their morning cup.

Coffee Connection offers a variety of coffee options, including freshly brewed coffee, espresso drinks, seasonal beverages, and more. Coffee Connection provides a comfortable and inviting environment, with cozy seating and a relaxed ambiance. It’s a place where you can relax, read, study, or catch up with friends.

4. Latte Love Coffee House

Latte Love Coffee (image via Instagram)

There’s a whole lotta love poured into its coffee here at Latte Love Coffee House. Located in Cranston and Johnston, Rhode Island, Latte Love Coffee House features cold and hot brewed coffee as well as espresso drinks. Their coffee is 100% organic and sugar-free, meeting your dietary needs.

This budget-friendly coffee shop doesn’t charge the premium prices of chain coffee shops. In addition to their caffeinated beverages, you’ll find a decent selection of egg breakfasts, sandwiches, and even a 100% organic acai bowl. All that, combined with a tranquil atmosphere, make this coffeehouse a must-see, must-taste experience.

3. Small Point Café

Small Pointe(image via Instagram)

Small Pointe Café in Providence, Rhode Island, is a one-stop shop for students in the area, but it’s also just one incredible little café. From matcha lattes to espresso ones, teas to Arnold Palmers, the Small Point Café may be small, but its menu isn’t.

Further, you’ll find terrific snacks like avocado toast, chicken sandwiches, and bagels. For a quick bite, stop inside the Small Point Café in Providence, Rhode Island, a quaint coffee shop to fuel your weekend.

2. Coastal Roasters

Coastal Roasters(image via Instagram)

Coastal Roasters has a gigantic menu that rivals the big chain coffee shops and their exorbitant prices. From Salted Caramel Mocha Lattes to Peanut Butter Cup Lattes, there’s no shortage of amazing flavors going around any time of year. Of course, there are some season favorites like the Pumpkin Spice Latte or Pumpkin Maple Latte, too!

Most drinks also come in iced versions if you prefer your coffee cold. Other drinks include a variety of teas, smoothies, and even cider. Take coffee beans home in sizes ranging from a quarter pound to a whole pound.

1. Felicia’s Coffee

Felicia's Coffee(image via Instagram)

You won’t be saying “Bye Felicia” to this coffee house. Felicia’s Coffee is the best coffee in Greenwich and all of Rhode Island. This popular coffee hotspot offers a range of different coffee blends and specialty coffee drinks that are so good you’ll want to try them all.

In addition to the perfect cup of coffee, you’ll also have your choice among a huge selection of cakes, brownies, bagels, cookies, muffins, pastries, and more! Since its opening in 1985, Felicia’s Coffee has a special place in the heart of every Rhode Islander.

Be sure to check out any of these coffee shops if you are in Rhode Island, and if you pass through Delaware on the way, you’ll find plenty of spots here.



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