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As any true sandwich connoisseur knows, the Philly Cheesesteak is one of the most delicious sandwiches known to man. The original Philly Cheesesteak is made of two simple ingredients thrown onto a hoagie roll: melted cheese and thinly sliced ribeye steak. While some establishments will sometimes use sirloin steak instead or add grilled onions and peppers, the authentic version embraces simplicity.

However, not everything authentic is necessarily better, and who really knows what’s authentic? There’s much debate, for instance, surrounding the proper cheese to use. Some say provolone, others say American, or even Cheez Whiz. Of course, cheese from a can doesn’t quite slap for everyone, so to that end, we won’t be focusing on the most authentic-styled but rather just the best-tasting cheesesteaks around Philadelphia.

Philadelphia naturally boasts a ton of cheesesteak joints in the area, many of them claiming to be “the best,” but which ones are actually worth the calories? Here, we’ve compiled a list of the top 15 Philly Cheesesteaks in the Philadelphia area, ranked from best to worst!

15. SQ Philip’s Steaks

Philips(image via Instagram)

SQ Philip’s Steaks is one of the few establishments open for business around the clock, allowing you to grab a cheesesteak in Philadelphia whenever you want. SQ Philip’s Steaks are lighter on the meat compared to some of the other cheesesteaks you’ll see on this list and somewhat lacking in terms of flavor.

Nevertheless, they make a decent, moderately priced authentic cheesesteak. Many will be pleased enough that they don’t have to wait in line for hours to get theirs.

14. Max’s Steaks

Max's(image via Instagram)

Residents of Philly know Max’s Steaks as a joint with the biggest sandwiches around, although not necessarily the best of the best. Max’s Steaks got a huge boost of recognition when featured in the Rocky sequel films Creed and Creed II. It was also seen in the television series This is Us.

Max’s Steaks is all about customization. You can put almost any classic sandwich topping on your cheesesteak, from onions to bell peppers or even pickles (which I cannot recommend). While you may not find it to be the best in Philadelphia, it’s pretty good and perfect if you have a big appetite.

13. Geno’s Steaks


Located in South Philadelphia, Geno’s Steaks is an iconic location for the residents of Philly. Known for its rivalry with another cheesesteak establishment, Pat’s, the restaurant was founded by Joey Vento in 1966. The traditional version features sliced rib-eye steak, grilled onions, and your choice of cheese.

If you want a basic Philly Cheesesteak, this is the place for you. The touristy hotspot claims to have the best cheesesteak in Philly, but that’s a pretty bold claim. The sliced steak is not as thin or chopped up as other cheesesteaks, nor are the rolls quite as packed with as much meat as its rivals.

12. Pat’s King of Steaks


Geno’s rival, Pat’s King of Steaks, is a better touristy option in Philadelphia, especially for all those growing boys (and girls) out there. Pat’s is packed with more meat, more flavor, and a little less grease. At Pat’s, you can get your sandwich plain or with your cheese of choice: America, Cheez Whiz, or Provolone.

Personally, I find Cheez Whiz an abomination, so I would go with the provolone – or just about anything else. Grilled onions are optional, but they add an extra dimension of flavor, so I highly recommend adding them. Other steaks available include a Pizza Steak, a Pepper Steak, a Mushroom Steak, or a Mushroom Pepper Steak. Just be sure that if you go here, you have cash handy.

11. Larry’s Steaks

Larry's(image via Instagram)

While Max’s Steaks may be big, Larry’s makes one even bigger. Known for their gigantic two-foot cheesesteak called the Belly Filler, Larry’s Steaks attracts college students with a big appetite. While that sandwich is not for the faint of heart, any one of Larry’s Steaks would make a satisfying meal.

The local joint was visited by President Biden and frequented by Kobe Bryant, for whom the Belly Filler sandwich was made. Offering affordable prices and delicious cheesesteaks, Larry’s is definitely worth a try if you are in Philadelphia for the weekend.

10. Joe’s Steaks + Soda Shop

Joes(image via Instagram)

Joe’s Steaks + Soda Shop claims to have perfected the cheesesteak, which may have some truth to it because it’s better than Pat’s and Geno’s. Sorry, but not sorry. While they may all be good sandwiches, Joe’s offers more options, including a vegan cheesesteak and a breakfast cheesesteak.

While Joe’s mostly keeps things simple, you can add toppings to make your cheesesteak to your exact preferences. Pricing for these sandwiches is much more modest, so you can be sure you aren’t paying the tourist markup on Joe’s sandwiches.

9. Tony and Nick’s Steaks

Tony Nicks Steaks

Tony and Nick’s Steaks have been serving up cheesesteaks in Philadelphia since 1992. Their cheesesteaks use real ribeye with American, Cheez Whiz, or mild provolone. While authentic cheesesteaks may be their forte, those looking for a more complex profile will appreciate their other options.

If you are looking for a little more veggies in your sandwich, you can get a cheesesteak hoagie, which basically adds hamburger topping, or you can get a zesty Italian-inspired Pizza Steak. For those of us watching our cholesterol, chicken steaks are also available.

8. Shank’s Original

Shanks(image via Facebook)

Shank’s Original is a long-standing, family-owned sandwich shop located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This iconic eatery has been serving up delicious and hearty sandwiches for generations, making it a cherished part of the city’s culinary scene.

Having started back in the 1960s, a lot has changed since they first opened, including their name which was originally Shank & Evelyn’s. Now, Shank’s Original separates itself from other cheesesteaks by using certified angus beef and other quality ingredients.

7. Barry’s Steaks

Barrys(image via Instagram)

If you love cheese, Barry’s Steaks may be just your thing. Locals recognize Barry’s cheesesteaks for their generous portions of meat, but even more so when it comes to cheese. On the downside, their cheesesteaks only come with American cheese, which may be a dealbreaker for some.

Barry’s Steaks was founded back in 1989 after Barry McGuin learned the art of the cheesesteak from Dalessandro’s back in 1967. There, Barry made cheesesteaks for 22 years until he decided to get in the game for himself.

6. Dalessandro’s

Dalessandros(thisisbossi, CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons)

Speaking of Dalessandro’s, the renowned cheesesteak destination in Philadelphia, is celebrated for its authentic and flavorful sandwiches. This family-owned establishment has been serving locals and visitors since 1961. At Dalessandro’s, you’ll find classic Philly cheesesteaks made with thinly sliced rib-eye steak or chicken, your choice of cheese (like American or provolone), and optional toppings like grilled onions and hot or sweet peppers.

One distinction Dalessandro’s is known for its larger chunks of onion, which, personally, I find can be a bit overpowering. While it may be a great cheesesteak for what it is, I’d struggle to call it the best cheesesteak in Philly despite popular belief;

5. Cleaver’s

Cleaver's(image via Instagram)

Cleaver’s uses fresh baked artisanal ingredients, fresh baked bread, and a generous serving of ribeye steak to deliver an exceptional sandwich in every regard. Established in 2016, Cleaver’s may be new to Philly’s cheesesteak scene, but it’s clear to everyone who has tried it that they know what they are doing.

Cleaver’s also believes in modern conveniences when it comes to ordering, so you don’t have to wait in a long line to grab your order. Dine-in, pick-up and delivery options are all available, unlock many of the establishments on this list.

4. Chubby’s

Chubby's(image via Instagram)

Devoted fans of D’Alessandro’s may be dismayed to learn that I ranked Chubby’s higher. But Chubby’s earns a higher spot on the list for having more varied cheese choices. In addition to the basic American, provolone, and Cheez Whiz options, you can get sharp provolone, pepperjack, or Cooper sharp at a small additional cost.

In terms of its cut of steak, Chubby’s sandwich is perfectly balanced. Pieces of meat are not chopped up to look like ground beef, nor are they left in thick slabs. The flavorful meat remains juicy, and there’s just the right amount of cheese on top of it.

3. Woodrow’s Sandwich Shop

Woodrow's(image via Instagram)

If you are looking for a cheesesteak out of the ordinary, Woodrow’s Sandwich Shop offers one fantastic option that you have to try. The Woodrow’s Whiz Wit features thinly shaven rib-eye, a house-made truffle Whiz, and caramelized onions, with a cherry-pepper mayo spread.

This succulent sandwich really makes a statement, putting a flavorful spin on the classic Philly cheesesteak. While I’m not normally a fan of Cheez Whiz, the concoction that Woodrow’s came up with is really something else, to be sure.

2. Campo’s Philly Cheesesteaks

Campos(image via Instagram)

A family-owned sandwich show, both the Food Network and Philadelphia Magazine featured Campo’s Philly Cheesesteaks among the best of Philly. Established in 1947, Campo’s later expanded to three locations. On top of that, their menu has expanded as well.

In addition to a wide variety of Philly Cheesesteaks available, you’ll also find cold-cut sandwiches and vegan options – including the new impossible steak. There’s something for everyone at Campo’s, and pretty much everything is good here, so you can’t go wrong.

1. Angelo’s Pizzeria

Angelo's(image via Instagram)

Last but not least, we have Angelo’s Pizzeria. And you may be thinking, how does a pizza place top the list of Philly cheesesteaks?

The popular pizzeria in Philadelphia serves up classic Philly cheesesteak sandwiches made with thinly sliced rib-eye steak, cooked to perfection and topped on a seeded hoagie roll. While bell peppers and onions are optional, for well-rounded flavor, you want all of it. Additionally, you can choose from Cooper Sharp, American, Provolone, Cheez Whiz. Everything is topped on a fantastic seeded hoagie roll.

Angelo’s Pizzeria doesn’t advertise having the best cheesesteak in Philly because they don’t have to. The sandwich speaks for itself, and thanks to rave reviews from customers, the word is out. For the best-tasting cheesecake in Philly, no one makes em’ better than Angelo’s Pizzeria.

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