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Although it is the most densely populated state in the country, New Jersey still has beautiful stretches of luscious forest. Don’t be fooled by its size. The Garden State has a variety of attractions to offer its many visitors. Let’s take a look at some of the things that you don’t want to miss on your next getaway to New Jersey.

10. High Point State Park (Sussex)

high point monument new jersey(image via Getty Images)

Located in the Kittatinny Mountains, High Point State Park got its name for being home to the tallest peak in New Jersey. The park is a wonderful break from the rush of the city, with hiking, fishing, and camping opportunities for visitors. The tall monument honoring the nation’s fallen soldiers dates back to 1930.

9. Grounds for Sculpture

an aerial view of grounds for sculpture in new jersey(image via Grounds for Sculpture)

With both indoor and outdoor exhibits, Grounds for Sculpture is sure to have something everyone will love. Many artists have contributed more than 270 sculptures to the park, most of which are much larger than lifesize. Many pieces immortalize celebrities or recreate famous works of art.

8. Great Falls

a view of great falls new jersey(image via Adam Jones)

While the park has many things to offer, the real treat is Great Falls itself, a 77-foot-tall waterfall on the Passaic River. The waterfall has gained a near-mythical reputation. Many aspects of pop culture reference Great Falls, from a William Carlos Williams poem to The Sopranos. And now, you can see it in person!

7. Delsea Drive-In Theatre

cars in front of the movie screen at delsea drive-in(image via Delsea Drive-In)

New Jersey’s only remaining drive-in movie theater remains a big hit. During the warmer months, guests can see current releases, as well as select classics, at the Delsea Drive-In. Just like the drive-ins of years past, you are able to hear the sound of the films by tuning your car radio to a specific frequency. If you’ve never experienced a movie like this, there’s no better place to start.

6. Chatsworth Cranberry Festival

a wood crate of cranberriesCranberries are an important crop for the New Jersey agriculture industry. Never is this more apparent than at the Chatsworth Cranberry Festival. The festival touts live music, delicious food, and over 160 local vendors. It has become an institution within the community, with residents looking forward to it all year round. You’re bound to have fun, as well, if visiting the area in late October.

5. Pole Position Raceway

empty go-karts sitting on a track awaiting ridersThere are over a dozen Pole Position Raceways across the nation; however, the main attraction is the one located in Jersey City. This indoor go-kart arena contains two quarter-mile tracks. You can race your friends and family at speeds up to 45 miles per hour!

4. Atlantic City Boardwalk

colorful buildings lining atlantic city boardwalk in new jersey(image via surfergirl30)

Opened in 1870, Atlantic City had the first boardwalk in the United States. Over the years, it has been home to several famous piers. Visitors can enjoy the hustle of the crowd and the many vendors. Though part of the boardwalk was damaged during Hurricane Sandy in 2012, it is still overflowing with vibrant culture following a rebuild.

3. Thomas Edison National Historical Park

the interior machines of the Thomas Edison National Historical Park in new jersey(image via Ken Lund)

Thomas Edison’s home and workplace in New Jersey are now maintained as a museum. When Edison resided here, he came up with some of his most well-known inventions, such as the motion picture camera, sound recordings, and the electric battery.

2. Cape May City Beaches

a view of historic houses in cape may, new jerseyIn addition to birdwatching and 19th-century architecture, Cape May City is known for its beach activities. This lovely seaside town regularly ends up on lists of the best beaches in the country. Visitors come from all over to swim, soak up some rays, or walk along the shore. The area is one of the oldest “vacation resorts” in the entire country.

1. Duke Farms

a red bridge over a pond at duke farms in new jerseyNamed for James Buchanan Duke, the founder of the American Tobacco Company, Duke Farms is a 2,700-acre nature preserve. With both indoor and outdoor garden displays, the estate caters to nature lovers. In fact, Duke Farms contains four of the ten oldest trees in the whole state.



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