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Located directly in the center of the nation, Nebraska is one of the most frequently visited states by people driving through the country. Be sure to check out these top Nebraska bucket list-worthy attractions the next time you’re in the Midwest.

10. The AppleJack Festival

The AppleJack Festival

Nebraska City

During the third weekend of September, the citizens of Nebraska City take a moment to celebrate one of their major exports: apples. With an estimated 50,000 people in attendance, the AppleJack Festival offers delicious food, carnival rides, a car show, a parade, a fun run, and many different regional crafts.

9. Attend a College World Series Game

Attend a College World Series Game


Each June, the NCAA college baseball champion is determined in Omaha. The College World Series sees the eight best teams vie for the coveted title. Games have taken place at Charles Swab Field since 2011, when the tournament was moved from Johnny Rosenblatt Stadium.

8. Carhenge

Carhenge(image via Flickr)


You have to see this place to truly believe it. In the 1980s, Jim Reinders built a replica of the famed Stonehenge, but instead of stone, he used spray-painted classic automobiles. As a symbol of national pride, all of the cars included in the Carhenge exhibit were manufactured by American companies.

7. Golden Spike Tower and Bailey Yard

Golden Spike Tower and Bailey Yard(image via Flickr)

North Platte

Halfway between Omaha and Denver, Bailey Yard has served as a major transportation hub for many years. The Golden Spike Tower offers a lovely visitor center, complete with an aerial view of Bailey Yard, recognized as the largest rail yard on the planet.

6. Old Market

Old Market


One of the oldest districts in Omaha, the Old Market was designed as a section of town for farmers to sell their groceries. These days, the six-story warehouse features a variety of shops, restaurants, and art galleries. It serves as a one-stop shopping experience for locals and visitors alike.

5. Airboat Tour on the Platte River

Airboat Tour on the Platte River


You don’t have to go all the way to the Everglades to have an airboat experience. In Fremont, several companies, including Bryson’s Airboat Tours and River Life Airboat Tours, take visitors down the Platte River. Be sure to bring binoculars so you can take in all of the local wildlife.

4. Smith Falls State Park

Smith Falls State Park


The most recent addition to Nebraska’s state park system offers scenic views of the Niobrara River. One of the state’s best-kept secrets, Smith Falls State Park attracts locals who come for picnics and hiking. While you’re there, be sure to stay in one of the park’s rustic cabins.

3. Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge

Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge(image via Facebook)


Spanning more than 3,000 feet over the Missouri River, the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge links Omaha to Council Bluffs, Iowa. Along the bridge are colorful lights, which can be programmed to appear in different patterns based on the occasion. The bridge is especially tempting to cyclists.

2. Sunken Gardens

Sunken Gardens(image via Flickr)


A Nebraska treasure since the 1930s, Sunken Gardens in Lincoln is home to more than 30,000 individual plants. Each year, the gardens are given a theme, and the flora is rearranged to bring it to life. This is the perfect place for the flower lover in your group or for anyone who wants some quiet reflection time.

1. Angel DeCora Memorial Museum

Angel DeCora Memorial Museum(image via Facebook)


Angel DeCora Memorial Museum is a wonderful way to get immersed in the Winnebago peoples of Nebraska. The museum is named in honor of the first Winnebago woman to attend college. She was well known for her artistic skills and musical talent, and you can experience that by visiting this museum. It’s a great place also to see artifacts and displays from other Winnebago artists, like dolls, paintings, traditional clothing, and more.




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