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The largest city in Kansas, Wichita, will astound you with the range of wonderful tourist attractions it offers. You won’t be let down by this city’s location in the southern region of the state. It offers a variety of hot spots for weekend trips or extended vacations.

The city is home to a wide range of tourist locations, including museums, zoos, botanical gardens, and many more that are not only appropriate for adults but also provide adventure for kids by offering a variety of engaging and entertaining activities. Here are 15 sites to visit in Wichita if you’re considering going there to get the whole city experience.

15. Stop at Old Cowtown Museum

Old Cowtown Museum

(image via Old Cowtown Museum)

All it takes is one step into the Old Cowtown Museum to be transported back in time. When you see the historical structures and attire, you’ll be there. A cowboy gunfight, a hunter trading post, costumed interpreters, and blacksmiths fill this hot spot.

The 1870s come to life at this museum through displays and live performances. The living history museum known as Old Cowtown allows visitors to experience the sights, sounds, and activities typical of a Midwestern cattle town. You won’t want to miss this journey while you’re in Wichita since you won’t know you’ve traveled through time until you leave this museum.

14. Visit the Century II Performance Art Center

The Century II Performance Art Center

(image via Wikipedia)

Enjoy the theatre performance at the Century II Performing Art Centre. This centre features a concert hall, expo centre, and theatre all of which have different displays all year round. You’ll want to enjoy the display of local talent in this musical theatre.

Near the east bank of the Arkansas River in downtown Wichita, it is situated between Douglas Street and Waterman Street. In 2020, it was added to the National Register of Historic Places. Full-service performing arts and conference complex, Century II (or C2 as the locals refer to it), offers locals and guests a wide range of plays and operas. Head on down and see what’s playing at this magnificent location!

13. Explore the Great Plain Nature Centre

Great Plain Nature Centre

A green haven in the middle of Wichita is the Great Plains Nature Center. The majority of people find strolling in the woods to be enjoyable. Without visiting this center, your experience in Wichita won’t be complete. It’s a terrific way to understand the value of nature and wildlife. You can experience an expedition through this plain and see a variety of wildlife, including birds while learning about wetlands and their significance to the state.

With the help of their free exhibitions and paved walking routes, you’ll get a sense of natural Kansas. It’s a wildlife habitat in the city. There are paved hiking trails, discovery activities, indoor wildlife observatories, and bird watching.  This oasis connects people with nature.

12. Explore The Wichita Toy Train Museum

Wichita Toy Train Museum

The toy trains in the Wichita Toy Train Museum were originally part of the children’s museum, but as they became more proliferated (due to popularity) the city created a separate location for them. This hot spot exhibits several collections of toy trains and related objects which are only available for viewing, though some can be operated by guests when supervised by the staff.

This is a family-friendly model railway museum with a gift store and gauge layouts displayed in great detail. It’s a wonderful spot to visit, especially with kids. The museum’s staff members are knowledgeable train lovers who are eager to share their expertise with you.

11. Take a Tour of the Frank Lloyd Wright Allen House

Frank Lloyd Wright Allen House

(image via Wikipedia)

The Frank Lloyd Wright Allen House, which belongs to a well-known architect, was one of his most notable creations at the time. The building’s architecture was carefully thought out, even well after it was finished in 1915, The architect created every component of the home, even the furniture. A tiny museum across the street provides details on the history of the house.

The museum is accessible to everyone, but sign up for a guided tour if you want to enter the house. More than 30 pieces of furniture created by Frank Lloyd Wright are present in the house, along with all of the original art glass and numerous avant-garde elements that were novel at the time, such as wall-hung toilets and an attached garage. Wow!

10. Stroll Down Old Town

Old Town

(image via Public Old Town)

Old Town Wichita is an ancient neighborhood that has brick streets with lampposts that brighten the area and give it a feel of bygone eras. The neighborhood serves as the city’s center and is often where traditional and cultural gatherings for neighborhood activities take place. These occasions include, among others, the annual seasonal celebration!

Experience Old Town’s vibrant vitality, which offers alternatives for every mood, price range, and situation. Old Town offers a variety of activities for everyone, whether you want to kick back and unwind or get up and dance.

9. Visit Museum of World Treasure

Museum of World Treasure

Greece and Egypt are only two of the several civilizations on display at the Museum of World Treasure. The three-story structure housing the museum has a number of military displays in addition to natural history and country histories. The second story is home to military relics and collections, as well as nobility and clothing from many civilizations, while the first floor is filled with numerous dinosaurs of various spices.

Bone fossils and religious artwork are among the several items on display. As you explore the whole facility throughout your visit to this museum, you will leave with a better understanding of world history. You get a look into the past as a result of your encounter with the treasures the world has to offer.

8. Be Inspired by the Keeper of the Plain

Keeper of the Plain

Without visiting the Keeper of the Plain, your visit to Wichita City will fall short of being complete. Made of steel, the 44ft tall structure has a breathtaking view when seen at night. This masterpiece may be seen where two rivers in Arkansas converge.

Here you can unwind on the seats in the adjacent plaza while admiring the structure. Before taking in the vista at night, you might want to stop at one of the nearby outposts to learn about the plain’s history.

7. Have a Look at the Pizza Hut Museum

Pizza Hut Museum

Two young Shockers transformed their little eatery into the biggest pizza restaurant franchise in the world in 1958. Here, in Wichita, Kansas, is where it all began. This Pizza Hut was one of the first sites to sell pizza when many people started eating the delight and before it spread to many places across the nation, and ultimately the world.

The Pizza Hut Museum, which is now utilized as an office at the institution in Wichita, is a representation of the fruit of two brothers’ labors of love and devotion to Pizza. Come check out the coolest place on earth, and find out what it took and where the pizza masters took flight.

6. Explore the Wichita Art Museum

Wichita Art Museum

(image via Wichita Art Museum)

The monument at the entrance of the Wichita Art Museum grounds is the main draw. As you go into the museum, the Dale Chihuly glass structure is a marvel to behold. If you are an artist or simply appreciate art, a tour of this museum is sure to inspire you as you come across new creators and artistic movements.

It has various gorgeous works of art on both its ground and its walls. This location provides a children’s interactive space, as well as historical and contemporary artworks from a 7,000-piece permanent collection. During your trip to Wichita, make sure not to miss this museum.

5. Visit the Exploration Place

Exploration Place

(image via Exploration Place

This scientific museum was established as an NGO institution to promote a love of science. Exploration Place has a number of displays, such as the famed Big mouth, a traveling exhibit, a model of Kansas with a running railroad, and other scientific artifacts.

The next generation of Wichita scientists and engineers are inspired by Exploration Place, which is parked along the lovely Arkansas River. The interactive museum places a strong emphasis on the geography of Kansas, and aviation. It also sponsors touring exhibitions that highlight the value of math and science in the world around us. The museum provides kids with a pleasurable and educational experience to pique their curiosity.

4. Tour a Wildlife Park

Wildlife Park

In addition to a zoo, this city also has a wildlife park. The Tanganyika Wildlife Park is an en excellent spot to see creatures in their natural habitat. You can see everything in the park in roughly two hours if you go quickly through it. There are interactive activities with the giraffes, lemurs, camels, kangaroos, horses, and a petting zoo.

Tanganyika is the only park in America with ten interactive encounters where visitors may handle, feed, and even ride uncommon creatures. Daily wildlife interactions are intended to be pleasurable, spontaneous, and deeply memorable.

3. Have a Look at the Aviation Museum

The Aviation Museum

The Aviation Museum, which is situated in the State airport’s terminal, features a variety of aircraft from various eras. This location is ideal for a quick, memorable experience whether you enjoy aviation or if you wish to inspire your younger children. There are several aircraft models from the past and present on display in the museum.

A restaurant is located right next to the terminal, where you can unwind and eat while watching people arrive and depart the city. To inspire, preserve, educate, and commemorate Kansas Aviation for the future is the museum’s mission.

2. Take a Tour of a Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden

Botanica, The Wichita Gardens, which spans more than 17 acres of land, has hundreds of roses and other lovely blooms along with a range of interesting plants. Given that the weather varies all year round, the garden is beautiful in both the summer and the winter. The butterfly house in the garden is magical and is well-known throughout the state.

Tourists may enjoy the garden’s stunning beauty and educational offerings. It holds a number of activities to amuse and inform guests. During the holidays, it is fully decked with lovely lighting to greet guests. The Wichita Area Garden Council and the City of Wichita worked together to open this garden in 1987. It started off with four gardens and has since grown. It’s open year-round for your leisurely pleasure and absolute delight.

1. Visit the Sedgwick County Zoo

Sedgwick County Zoo

(image via Sedgwick County Zoo)

The Sedgwick County Zoo, the seventh-largest zoo in the nation, is proudly located in Wichita. On the 250 acres of the zoo, spend the day discovering the more than 3,000 creatures and approximately 400 species that are arranged geographically in settings that mirror their natural habitats. For this zoo, three hours is a decent amount of time to allow for exploring.

When you visit – look down at the zoo’s paths, and you’ll notice markers that depict each area of Earth. You can follow each marker to find the region you would like to explore. Don’t miss the chance to embark on an adventure in this beautiful zoo. Visit the Sedgwick County Zoo for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.




As you can see, Wichita has a lot to offer everyone. If you are looking to do more in the surrounding area, check out other weekend trips nearby Wichita, Kansas.

These areas are perfect for a quick day trip or a long weekend getaway. Explore our favorite things to do or peruse some pre-built itineraries.

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