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Nestled among the lush green landscapes, golden beaches, and crystalline waters of Hawaii, you’ll find a thriving coffee culture that reflects the islands’ natural beauty and unique agricultural heritage. The Aloha State is famous for its picturesque coffee farms, where some of the world’s most exquisite coffee beans are grown.

Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or simply looking for a delightful morning brew, Hawaii’s coffee shops offer your senses a taste of paradise.  The Hawaiian coffee scene is distinguished by its emphasis on quality and sustainability. Many coffee shops take pride in serving locally sourced beans. Kona coffee, grown on the Big Island, is perhaps the most renowned Hawaiian coffee variety, celebrated for its rich but smooth flavor.

From bustling cafes in the heart of Honolulu to charming, hidden gems on the more remote islands, these establishments exude a unique island charm. These are the 12 best coffee shops in the state of Hawaii!

12. Kona Coffee Purveyors

a hawaii coffee shop Kona Coffee Purveyors(image via Instagram)

Kona Coffee Purveyors use 100% Kona coffee. Located in Honolulu, their café employs the finest quality coffee with a complex flavor profile that will appeal to your senses. Even their espresso items can be brewed with 100% premium Kona beans, making every item on their menu much better.

Kona Coffee Purveyors also offers their James Beard award-winning croissants that you have to try. It pairs well with nearly any cup of coffee. From their Chocolate Banana to Strawberry Guava Croissant, we guarantee you’ve never tried anything like this before. This is the place to go if you want the Hawaiian coffee experience.

11. Ali’i Coffee Co.

a worker pours Ali'i Coffee Co. in Hawaii(image via Instagram)

Another exquisite roastery in Honolulu, the Ali’i Coffee Co., steps up the latte game with some of the most elaborate latte art you’ve ever seen. Lattes like the Taro Ube Latte even inject a little color into your cup. From Nitro cold brew to the Hilo Honey latte, the Ali’i Coffee Co. uses local ingredients to craft you one unforgettable cup of coffee.

While the Ali’i Coffee Co. offers a variety of food options, their simple menu allows them to focus on what matters most: making the best possible cup of Joe when you need it most. And we should also mention that the tea drinkers haven’t been forgotten either. The Purple Haze is a must-try!

10. Island Brew Coffeehouse

island brew coffeehouse coffee in a fancy glass(image via Instagram)

With three locations in Honolulu, Island Brew Coffeehouse is well-known to locals and tourists during their travels. The coffee shop serves 100% Hawaiian coffee grown locally and roasted regularly each week. You’ll find precisely what you need, from drip blends to espresso blends.

Enjoy award-winning coffee and a quaint atmosphere perfect for work or study. Whether seeing a waterfront view at the Hawaii Kai location or stopping by the Ala Moana Center, you can immerse yourself in the Hawaii coffee experience. Want to take it with you? Island Brew Coffeehouse offers their Dark Roast house blend to take home with you.

9. Kona Mountain Coffee

kona mountain coffee cups in front of the ocean(image via Instagram)

A haven for coffee and chocolate lovers alike, Kona Mountain Coffee delivers when it comes to taste—using 100% Kona coffee, the family-owned and operated business offers Estate, Private Reserve Peaberry, and Flavored blends. Located in Kona, Hawaii, their farm is over 100 acres.

While you can easily purchase and brew their coffee at home. What’s the fun in that? They offer a range of espresso drinks, including drinks with delectable macadamia nut and chocolate flavors. Located in Matsuyama Market, their shop also offers sweet treats like chocolate croissants and chocolate-covered coffee beans!

8. Green World Coffee Farm

a green world coffee farm drink and a scone(image via Instagram)

On their website, the Green World Coffee Farm offers a ton of coffees to choose from, but there’s only one place you can go to taste their coffee the way it was meant to be. Green World Coffee Farm café and espresso bar uses the coffee grown at their farm to create an unforgettable cup.

With thousands of five-star reviews on Google, Green World Coffee Farm keeps customers returning for more thanks to tasty drinks and affordable prices. Take in the beauty of the farms while you sample all of the magnificent flavors Green World has to offer.

7. Coffee Gallery

a mug being held up from coffee gallery(image via Instagram)

Coffee Gallery serves up artisanal hand-roasted coffee in a picturesque coffee shop located in Haleiwa. From your first sip, you’ll fall in love with this coffeehouse and its shockingly smooth brews. If coffee was a vibe, Coffee Gallery perfectly encapsulates every aspect of coffee drinking.

Boasting all the island charm you’d expect from a Hawaiian coffee shop and the taste to back it up, you won’t be disappointed. This coffeehouse offers 100% Kona coffees and unique blends like Mokka and Pumpkin Spice. And, of course, what coffee shop would be complete without a delicious selection of baked goods? Rest assured, Coffee Gallery has you covered.

6. Kona Coffee & Tea

the entrance sign to kona coffee & tea(image via Instagram)

Like many coffee shops on this list, Kona Coffee & Tea grows their own 100% Kona coffee, even offering tours of their farms on the slopes of Hualalai. Their diverse menu includes the Kona Bullet, drip coffee mixed with creamy butter and coconut oil, and the Ameri-Kona made with a double shot of 100% Kona espresso and hot water.

One of our favorite items would have to be the Espresso Shake, made from real vanilla ice cream blended with two shots of espresso. It’s simple and yet oh-so-satisfying. Besides coffee, you’ll find a great selection of tea, beer, wine, and kombucha.

5. UCC Hawaii

patrons at UCC Hawaii coffee shop(image via Instagram)

Located at the UCC Hawaii Kona Coffee Estate in Holualoa, Hawaii, UCC Hawaii offers breathtaking scenery and some of the best darn coffee you could ever hope to try. Enjoy a cup of coffee, and then explore the grounds on a 30-minute tour that goes in-depth into the coffee-making process.

Coffee connoisseurs will appreciate nearly everything about this locale, so even non-tourists will love it. Friendly service, great coffee, and a stunning atmosphere are just some of the things that make UCC Hawaii a must-stop shop. What’s best of all, you may be wondering? You can roast your own coffee!

4. Morning Brew

hawaii coffee shop Morning Brew(image via Instagram)

Morning Brew has two locations: one in Kailua and one in Kaka’ako, O’ahu. Each one has its unique menu. However, most items are the same or variations of the same. At either location, you’ll find an array of espresso drinks, including an espresso shake, a variety of lattes, and a ton of breakfast items.

From wraps to sandwiches and bagels to waffles, Morning Brew aims to be your go-to coffee shop when you’re in the area. And we have to say, their food is incredible, the service is outstanding, and nothing about it disappoints, making it easily one of the top coffee shops in the state.

3. ChadLou’s Coffee Roasters

a sign at ChadLou’s Coffee Roasters in hawii(image via Instagram)

ChadLou’s Coffee Roasters is a casual coffeehouse that’s a little upscale yet not as expensive as a chain coffee shop. Made from quality ingredients, their lattes are incredible. Get your drinks to-go or dine-in. The Kailua location offers outdoor seating and complimentary Wi-Fi for guests.

Another great thing about ChadLou’s Coffee Roasters is its proximity to the beach. Many beachgoers will head into ChadLou’s before they hit the waves. Coffee culture is blooming here, and it’s easy to see why. Where atmosphere and quality coffee make good bedfellows, ChadLou’s Coffee Roasters is that bed.

2. Kaua’i Coffee Company

a Kaua’i Coffee Company coffee mug in hawaii(image via Instagram)

Kaua’i Coffee Company in Kalaheo, Hawaii, offers the tour for coffee lovers. As a self-guided tour, you can explore the grounds (no pun intended) at your own pace. Sample from dozens of coffee flavors and pick a blend that’s right for you. This location is a must for tourists but may not be a convenient spot for your daily coffee needs.

Luckily, it’s an excellent place to purchase coffee beans and brew your own coffee at home. Their team of expert coffee growers can help you find the perfect roast. Undoubtedly, there’s something to satisfy every palate, no matter how picky you may be about your morning coffee.

1. Imua Coffee Roasters

Hawaii coffee shop Imua Coffee Roasters(image via Instagram)

Imua Coffee Roasters is the best coffeehouse in Hawaii. Why? Not only because they use small-batch, organic, fair-trade coffee. Their coffee is outstanding. Even tasting espresso by itself, you’ll be amazed by the rich, full-bodied flavor their brews have to offer.

And should you not like the taste of pure coffee, their cappuccinos, macchiatos, and mochas should satisfy plenty. While few bakery items exist at Imua, it’s hardly a flaw. Instead, this coffeehouse focuses all their effort on making the best cup of coffee they can possibly make.



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