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If you’re looking for a vibrant and exciting city to explore, Augusta, Georgia, should be at the top of your list. With its rich history, diverse culture, and abundance of outdoor activities, Augusta offers something for everyone. From exploring historic landmarks to indulging in Southern cuisine, this city is sure to leave a lasting impression.

The surrounding metropolitan area is the second largest in the state. But you may know Augusta best as the host of the year Masters golf tournament, one of the four major championships in men’s professional golf. Whether you’re a history buff, an outdoor enthusiast, or simply looking to relax and unwind, Augusta has something for you.

Boat on the Augusta Canal15. Augusta Canal National Heritage Area

(image via Instagram)

The Augusta Canal National Heritage Area is a historic canal built in 1845 that provided transportation, power, and water for Augusta. Visitors can take guided boat tours to see the locks and gates and enjoy wildlife and scenery. Hiking and biking trails are also available for exploring the canal’s towpath and natural areas. 

The Heritage Area hosts events like concerts and festivals, and visitors can check their website for upcoming events. The Augusta Canal offers a unique combination of history, nature, and recreation, making it an interesting destination for history buffs, nature lovers, and anyone seeking a fun and educational day trip.

The Augusta Riverwalk14. Augusta Riverwalk

(image via Wikimedia)

Augusta Riverwalk is a must-visit for tourists and locals. It’s a beautiful spot for a relaxing walk, bike ride, or boat tour along the Savannah River. The Riverwalk offers something for everyone, whether it’s a romantic evening, family fun, or a solo adventure. It’s also a place of rich history and culture, with the Augusta Museum of History, Jessye Norman Amphitheater, and Morris Museum of Art located nearby. 

You can also enjoy various dining and shopping options, including upscale restaurants like Frog Hollow Tavern and Craft & Vine, cafes like The Foundry Coffeehouse and Lily Coffee, Tea & Bread, and boutiques like Shoppe 3130 and Sirius Sage. For adventure seekers, kayaking and paddleboarding rentals are available to explore the river.

Kids standing around an exhibit at the Augusta Museum of History13. The Augusta Museum of History

(image via Facebook)

The Augusta Museum of History is a must-see attraction in Augusta, Georgia. It displays various exhibits on Augusta’s rich history, including its involvement in the Civil War, cotton industry, and golf development. Notable Augusta residents like James Brown and President Woodrow Wilson are also featured. The Transportation Gallery is a popular exhibit showcasing the evolution of transportation in the region. 

The museum offers guided tours, educational programs, workshops, and lectures on various topics, and is also a beautiful venue for private events. With its fascinating exhibits and unique offerings, the Augusta Museum of History is a gem of the city and a great destination for history enthusiasts.

Produce in baskets lining the streets12. The Augusta Market

(image via Unsplash)

The Augusta Market in Georgia offers more than just fresh produce and handmade crafts. It’s a community hub with a lively atmosphere, live music, family-friendly activities, and food trucks open every Saturday from April to November. Local vendors sell a variety of goods, from fruits and vegetables to artisanal bread, honey, jams, pottery, and jewelry. 

The market supports local farmers and artists while allowing visitors to experience the unique culture of the region. With its festive ambiance and delicious food, The Augusta Market is an excellent destination for a Saturday morning outing with loved ones.

People examining art 11. The Morris Museum of Art

(image via Instagram)

The Morris Museum of Art boasts an impressive collection of over 5,000 works of art that showcases the diversity and richness of Southern art and its contributions to American art. Visitors can explore paintings, sculptures, and photographs from renowned Southern artists such as Benny Andrews, William Christenberry, and Benny Carter, and witness the evolution of Southern art. 

Educational programs, lectures, and special events are offered throughout the year for visitors of all ages and interests. The museum’s beautiful location on the Savannah River provides stunning views and a peaceful garden. With its unique collection, engaging programs, and scenic setting, the Morris Museum of Art is a must-visit for anyone interested in Southern art and culture.

Large white flower in the Phinizy Swamp10. Phinizy Swamp Nature Park

(image via Instagram)

Phinizy Swamp Nature Park is a vast urban nature park covering over 1,100 acres of wetlands, meadows, and woodlands. It offers 14 miles of hiking trails that wind through various ecosystems, providing opportunities to see different flora and fauna, including alligators, turtles, and over 200 bird species. 

The park also has observation towers and boardwalks that offer stunning views. Visitors can enjoy kayaking, fishing, bird watching, and educational programs catered to all ages. The park is open every day and free to the public, making it an ideal destination for families and those seeking an escape from city life.

View of JCPenny in the Augusta Mall9. The Augusta Mall

(image via Instagram)

Augusta Mall is a popular indoor shopping center with a variety of stores, including department stores and specialty shops. There are also plenty of dining options, including quick bites and sit-down restaurants such as Chik-fil-A and The Chop House, as well as dessert options. 

Entertainment offerings include a movie theater, rides and simulators, and various events throughout the year. The mall is a great place for a day of shopping and fun with family and friends, whether you’re a local or just visiting the area.

Conductor leading symphony8. The Augusta Symphony

(image via Instagram)

The Augusta Symphony is a cultural institution that offers music and educational programs to the community. The symphony is located in the Miller Theater, which underwent a $23 million renovation in 2018 to become a modern concert hall. The Augusta Symphony presents a variety of concerts, from classical to pop and holiday favorites, often collaborating with guest artists, conductors, and composers. 

The symphony also provides music education programs, including the Augusta Symphony Youth Orchestra, Symphony 101, and school outreach concerts. Attending a performance supports a vital cultural institution in the Augusta community and provides a memorable experience for music enthusiasts.

Women walking out of the Imperial Theatre7. The Imperial Theatre

(image via Instagram)

The Imperial Theatre in Augusta has been a beloved cultural institution for over a century. The historic theater has undergone extensive renovations to restore its original beauty, and visitors are treated to a stunning visual experience. The theater offers a diverse range of programming, including the Augusta Broadway Series, concerts, comedy shows, and community events. 

With its impressive history and top-notch entertainment, the Imperial Theatre is a cultural treasure and a must-visit destination for anyone interested in the performing arts.

Canoes at the Augusta Canal Headgates6. The Augusta Canal Headgates

(image via Wikimedia)

The Augusta Canal Headgates is a must-visit attraction for history, engineering, and nature enthusiasts. Built in the 19th century, it marks the start of the Augusta Canal, a vital component of Georgia’s industrial progress. Visitors can explore the intricate network of gates, locks, and canals, and enjoy exhibits that showcase the canal’s technology and impact. 

Surrounded by scenic parkland and nature trails, the Headgates offer opportunities for outdoor activities such as walking, biking, and picnicking. Educational programs and guided tours are also available to learn more about the canal’s rich history and engineering marvels. Don’t miss this iconic Augusta landmark.

Entering the Lucy Craft Laney Museum5. The Lucy Craft Laney Museum of Black History

(image via Facebook)

The Lucy Craft Laney Museum of Black History honors the life and work of Lucy Craft Laney, who dedicated her life to educating African American children in the 19th century. The museum showcases the rich history and contributions of African Americans in Augusta and surrounding areas through exhibits of art, music, literature, and interactive displays promoting awareness and appreciation of African American culture. 

The museum also features a research center that provides access to resources on African American history and culture. The museum is located in the historic home of Lucy Craft Laney, which has been restored and serves as a beautiful tribute to her life and legacy.

Exterior of the Sacred Heart Cultural Center4. The Sacred Heart Cultural Center

(image via Instagram)

The Sacred Heart Cultural Center has a rich history as a church for the local Catholic community. After falling into disrepair, the building was restored and repurposed as a cultural center. The center boasts stunning Gothic and Renaissance Revival architecture, with intricate details, stained-glass windows, murals, and frescoes. 

It hosts a range of cultural events throughout the year and offers guided tours. The center is also a popular venue for special events, such as weddings. A visit to the Sacred Heart Cultural Center offers a glimpse into Augusta’s cultural heritage and is a must-see destination for history and architecture enthusiasts.

James Brown Statue3. The James Brown Statue

(image via Flickr)

The James Brown Statue represents more than just the man himself; it symbolizes music’s significance in American culture. James Brown’s fusion of soul, funk, and rhythm and blues transformed the music industry, and he remains influential today. Brown was also a prominent civil rights activist who used his fame to champion social justice and equality. 

Augusta offers a walking tour of landmarks related to his life, including the James Brown Arena, which hosts events year-round. Whether a devoted fan or history enthusiast, visiting the James Brown Statue is a must to pay homage to the “Godfather of Soul.”

Lake Olmstead Stadium2. The Augusta GreenJackets

(image via Flickr)

The Augusta GreenJackets offer a unique and exciting minor league baseball experience with a talented team, state-of-the-art SRP Park, and various amenities for fans of all ages. The team goes above and beyond to provide a complete entertainment experience, including between-inning games, contests, and post-game fireworks displays. 

Attending a game is also a great way to support the local community, as the team partners with various organizations and charities. Whether you’re a lifelong fan or looking for a fun outing, book your tickets in advance for the best seats in the house.

Boat tour near the Augusta Canal Discovery Center1. The Augusta Canal Discovery Center

(image via Wikimedia)

The Augusta Canal, built in 1845 for the textile industry, is a National Heritage Area that aided Augusta’s economic growth for over a century. It now serves as a recreational site for tourists and locals. The Augusta Canal Discovery Center showcases exhibits about the canal’s culture, ecology, and history. Visitors can buy souvenirs and books from the gift shop. 

Outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, kayaking, and fishing are available. Guided boat tours, kayak and bike rentals are offered, while parks and recreational areas provide picnic areas, playgrounds, and scenic overlooks. The canal is ideal for history enthusiasts, nature lovers, and anyone seeking a unique and educational experience.

(featured image via Facebook)




As you can see, Augusta has a lot to offer everyone. If you are looking to do more in the surrounding area, check out other weekend trips from nearby Augusta, Georgia.

These areas are perfect for a quick day trip or a long weekend getaway. Explore our favorite things to do or peruse some pre-built itineraries.

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