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This one-day itinerary hits 18 different points of interest across the Parisian Latin Quarter. You’ll stroll café-lined streets, take in historic and architecturally significant buildings, and explore the natural beauty of some of the best parks in Paris. To make the most of your time, go ahead and book your entry tickets for two of the major stops on your itinerary: Sainte-Chapelle (book ahead here) and the Panthéon (avoid the lines by booking ahead). The majority of the other stops are free, making this a budget-friendly itinerary. The main cost you’ll incur will be from any shopping or dining you do along the route at places that catch your eye.

Stop 1: Rue de Buci

Head to the Mabillon station on Line 10 (gold) of the Paris Metro. This will be your starting point for the itinerary. Rue de Buci begins just across from the metro exit. This compact street is bustling day and night with pedestrians walking along. Shops and restaurants line the way. Start your day off with a coffee, and pull up a streetside table to watch people go by. Or simply window shop as you make your way toward Île de la Cité.

people sit at cafe tables alongside rue de buci a street in paris

(image via John Hansel)

Stop 2: Pont Neuf

Pont Neuf is the oldest standing bridge crossing the Seine and a great place to eat breakfast and experience the surroundings of Paris.

a view towards Île de la Cité in paris and the pont neuf crossing the river seine

(image via Fabien Maurin)

Stop 3: Sainte-Chapelle

While Notre Dame is closed, Sainte-Chapelle, another Middle Ages cathedral on the Île de la Cité (and one with arguably more impressive stained glass), is very busy, so we recommend you stop here first. Skip the line and book tickets ahead.

a view of the colorful stain glass windows inside sainte-chapelle church in paris

(image via Jamieson Gordon)

Stop 4: Marché aux Oiseaux (Flower & Fish Market)

This quaint flower market makes for unique pictures. It might not be something you would go visit specifically, but it’s between Sainte-Chapelle and Notre Dame, so it’s an easy stop. There are multiple flower markets in the area, so the sights and smells are stimulating.

colorful flowers and other items for sale at the Marché aux Oiseaux market in paris

(image via Laurie Delobre Arts)

Stop 5: Notre Dame Cathedral

One of the most famous buildings in the world, Notre Dame is, unfortunately, closed for renovations following the devastating fire to its roof. You can’t go in right now, but you’ll want to see it anyway. For now, looking up at it from the surrounding streets will have to do.

the two bell towers of notre dame cathedral in paris

(image via Bastien Nvs)

Stop 6: Shakespeare and Company

This incredible English language bookstore helped give birth to some of the best writing of the 20th century. Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Gertrude Stein, and many more once spent time honing their craft here. It also has great views of Notre Dame.

the storefront of Shakespeare and company in paris

(image via Deniz Demirci)

Stop 7: Place Saint-Michel

This beautiful fountain is worth a few pictures, and the surrounding plaza has numerous food options.

an ornate fountain in the place saint-michel located in the latin quarter of paris

(image via Guillaume Didelet)

Stop 8: The Abbey Bookshop

The Abbey Bookshop is much less well-known than Shakespeare & Co. This small bookshop is like something out of a dream. With books stacked floor to ceiling and a charismatic owner, it’s a stop that very few people make but that you will find yourself remembering decades from now. If you’re a book lover, this is your dream come true.

piles of books and filled bookshelves at the abbey bookshop in the latin quarter of paris

(image via Rudy Issa)

Stop 9: Musée de Cluny

The museum just recently reopened in May 2022 after an extensive renovation. This museum is dedicated to the history of Paris in the Middle Ages. You can see some ruins of a former Roman bath here, even from outside the courtyard.

the Musée de Cluny and a courtyard of plants

(image via Paris mon amour)

Stop 10: Luxembourg Palace

This historic palace (and former home of Marie de Medici) is free to enter, but the gardens are the real draw here. It’s a bit of a walk here but pretty spectacular. Today, the French Senate meets in the building.

the exterior of the luxembourg palace which is home to the french senate

(image via Marie Evano)

Stop 11: Fontaine Médicis

As you are walking out of the Gardens, be sure to stop by this lovely fountain near Rue Soufflot, which is the street you will want to take to head to the Panthéon. It has recently undergone a deep cleaning, so its spiffy appearance is even new to the locals.

a view down the pool towards the Medici fountain in the luxembourg gardens in paris

(image via Victor Paul Ianiczec)

Stop 12: Panthéon

This spectacular mausoleum celebrates some of France’s greatest citizens, including Victor Hugo and Voltaire. The neo-Classical architecture is some of the most remarkable in all of the city. Book tickets ahead of time, as this is a popular spot.

the dome of the famous architecture of the Panthéon in paris france

(image via Kreshen)

Stop 13: Church of Saint-Étienne-du-Mont

An underrated attraction, this church has wonderful architecture and is just minutes from the Panthéon.

the ornate architecture of the inside of Saint-Étienne-du-Mont in paris

(image via James Hastings)

Stop 14: Collège des Bernardins

This serene gothic space houses touring exhibitions. The interior space is a fantastic example of gothic arches. Through the summer of 2022, there’s an augmented reality exhibition about Notre Dame.

the beautiful arched interior of the Collège des Bernardins in paris

Stop 15: Square des arènes de Lutèce

A good resting spot, this park sits atop a former Roman gladiatorial arena. Have a snack, and be thankful you live in a world where you needn’t do battle to the death to proceed onward with your day.

people walk around and play within the Arènes de Lutèce an ancient roman ampitheatre in paris

(image via Guislaine Vol-dub)

Stop 16: The Alpine Garden at Jardin des Plantes

You could probably spend an entire day enjoying the serene beauty of the incredible botanical garden that is Jardin des Plantes. The Alpine Garden, in particular, is wild and beautiful, but there is so much to see you should walk around the space more generally.

vibrant plants at the alpine garden in the jardin des plantes

(image via Jardin des Plantes)

Stop 17: Place de la Contrescarpe

Make your way to la place de la Contrescarpe, which is the Northmost point of one of Paris’ most charming streets, la Rue Mouffetard.

the Place de la Contrescarpe plaza viewed from high point in a surrounding building

(image via Rhonda Vanderbeek)

Stop 18: Rue Mouffetard

End your day here with a bit of shopping and enjoy a dinner where many locals will be at nearby tables. The street is pedestrianized and feels about 10 feet wide at points. You will love it.

a view down rue mouffetard crowded with people

(image via Gilmar Barbosa)



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