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While Delaware may be known as “The First State,” it might not be the first place you’d think of when it comes to coffee hubs. However, Delaware combines a rich historical legacy while embracing modern coffee culture. The state’s appreciation for coffee is evident through its bustling coffee shops and thriving artisanal roasteries.

Delaware’s coffeehouses and roasteries cater to a diverse community of coffee enthusiasts. From college students in need of a study haven to working professionals seeking that morning jolt, casual drinkers and connoisseurs will appreciate the intricate flavors of a refined brew. As an added bonus, you’ll find many of these coffeehouses more affordable than the expensive chain coffee shops you’ll find scattered just about anywhere.

If you are looking for the perfect place to get your morning caffeine boost, here are some fine local establishments that rank among the best in the entire state. These are the 12 best coffee shops in Delaware!

12. Little Goat Coffee Roasting Company

Little Goat Roasting coffee shop(image via Instagram)

The Little Goat Coffee Roasting Company uses ethically sourced coffee, organically grown and fair-traded, roasting their beans in-house for peak freshness. Located in Newark, Delaware, the Little Goat Coffee Roasting Company brews its coffee daily. Coffee lovers of all kinds will appreciate the quality brews that this company has to offer. Plus, you can even take some beans to roast at home.

Founded in 2016, this coffee shop promotes sustainable coffee consumption while appealing to coffee drinkers who share their passion for a great cup of coffee. As a recognition of their efforts, in 2020, the Little Goat Coffee Roasting Company was named “Best of Delaware” by DelawareToday.

11. The Perfect Cup Café

The Perfect Cup coffee shop(image via Instagram)

The Perfect Cup Café more than lives up to its name. Like the Little Goat Coffee Roasting Company, The Perfect Cup Café only brews organic fair trade coffee. On top of that, however, this café supports local dairy suppliers. Open seven days a week, this cafe is also a great place to grab a bite for breakfast or lunch.

The Perfect Cup Café boasts raving reviews on Yelp for its great food and finely crafted espresso drinks. On top of that, the café offers top-notch, friendly service, so if you want the perfect cup of coffee along with the perfect environment to enjoy it in, then look no further if you are in the area of Hockessin.

10. The House of Coffi

House of Coffi(image via Instagram)

The House of Coffi in Dover offers the best espresso in the capital. A perfect spot for tourists and locals to enjoy, the House of Coffi offers finely crafted lattes, cappuccinos, and Americanos at more reasonable prices than its chain competitors. While hours vary on the weekends, the House of Coffi is open seven days a week.

While locals will have a chance to experience all of this coffeehouse’s fantastic creations, visitors of Dover can grab a souvenir to show their support as the House of Coffi offers a ton of merch, including tumblers, hoodies, or a pound of small-batch roasted coffee beans.

9. Brew Haha!

Delaware coffee shop Brew Haha!(image via Instagram)

Brew Haha! Boasts numerous locations across the state, from Newark to Wilmington. Using their own locally roasted coffee, coffee lovers can try out any of their specialty lattes, cappuccinos, cold brews, or even frozen mochas. There’s something brewing for everyone, including seasonal favorites like the Pumpkin Patch latte for all of us basic witches.

Unlike most of the coffee shops on this list, Brew Haha! may be a chain, but you won’t find it outside of Delaware. Brewing the finest award-winning coffee in the state, Brew Haha! It is a name well-known to locals, and if you are visiting Delaware for the weekend, it would be a shame not to try it for yourself!

8. I.M. Coffee

IM Coffee(image via Instagram)

At I.M. Coffee, located in Downtown Wilmington, you won’t find fancy logos or a long list of coffee creations at a premium price. Instead, I.M. Coffee focuses on what really matters: the coffee. Named after I.M. Pei, the man behind the Louvre and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, this coffee shop pours all of its love into the art of coffee.

At I.M. Coffee, presentation rather than branding is what makes people come back for more. In addition to latte art, customized coffee drinks, and smoothies with double shots of espressos, you’ll also find a wide range of breakfast foods like sandwiches and crepes made to order.

7. Drip Café

Delaware coffee shop Drip Cafe (image via Instagram)

Drip Café has been serving up an excellent cup of Joe since 2013, when it opened its doors in Hockessin and, later on, another shop in Newark. Using their own in-house blend of coffee, the Drip Roasting Company creates customized coffees that will appeal to any true coffee connoisseur.

At the Drip Café, espresso is the name of the game, but you’ll also find plenty of teas and brewed coffee options to choose from. Breakfast sandwiches, burgers, and salads can soothe your appetite while you take in your morning coffee. But you don’t have to make your way to Newark or Hockessin any time you want to experience their coffee brews. You can even order coffee beans online!

6. Café a Go-Go

Cafe a Go Go(image via Instagram)

At Rehoboth Beach, Café a Go-Go is the go-to spot for coffee drinkers. This local Delaware coffee shop uses unique blends imported from Mexico, including a delicious and spicy Mexican Mocha that will elevate all of your senses. This quaint coffee shop makes the perfect spot to get your caffeine fix before you hit the beach.

While Café a Go-Go may not have been recognized with any awards, coffee enthusiasts have awarded it over 4.5 stars on Google. Known to locals, it’s the place to go if you are in the area for the weekend and don’t want to waste your time standing in line to get the same boring latte from a chain coffee shop that you get every other day of the week.

5. Sleeping Bird Coffee

Sleeping Bird coffeehouse(image via Instagram)

While the bird may be sleeping, you don’t have to be. Sleeping Bird Coffee had its humble beginning as a coffee truck before transforming into a quaint brick-and-mortar. Started and operated by a husband and wife team, Sleeping Bird Coffee is their love child. Thus far, their Wilmington location is their only location, making it a unique spot for locals.

Open seven days a week, Sleeping Bird Coffee is serving up breakfast and brunch along with your favorite drip coffee and espresso drinks. Additionally, you’ll find seasonal options like lemonade and apple cider, and for the kids – a nice cup of hot chocolate.

4. The Point Coffee Shop & Bakery

Point Coffee(image via Instagram)

Another hot spot in Rehoboth Beach is The Point Coffee Shop & Bakery. This Delaware coffee shop offers both cold and hot options, from cold brew to frappes and Americanos to hot caramel macchiatos.  From simplistic to more elaborate creations, there’s something for everyone. Open every day of the week on the exact same schedule; you can grab a cup of coffee anytime from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.

In addition to coffee, you’ll also find a wide range of breakfast and lunch items, from sandwiches to quiche by the slice. As a bakery, you can also order cakes for your birthday, wedding, or any other occasion – even if that occasion is just a craving.

3. Legal Grounds Cafe

Legal Grounds(image via Instagram)

The Legal Grounds Café in Elsmere, Delaware, is a no-nonsense Delaware coffee shop. They offer a simple coffee menu and affordable prices. From caffe mochas to drip coffee, you know exactly what you are getting when you order it, provided you know a thing or two about your coffee.

Need a bite to eat? Legal Grounds offers a variety of sandwiches, salads, and baked goods to choose from. Named as the Best Coffee Shop in Delaware by USA Today and Best Breakfast by Eat This, Not That! – you’ll be sure to find something you like at this fantastic local coffee shop.

2. Amity Coffee

Amity Coffee(image via Instagram)

Amity Coffee Roasters offers only the highest quality brews and the finest baked goods made from scratch. If you are looking to fuel up with a hot cup of full-bodied coffee, Amity Coffee’s fantastic coffee fusions with throw your senses into a full spin.

From Affogato to Café au lait, flat whites to flavored lattes, this Delaware coffee shop will illuminate your sense of taste and smell, giving you that much-needed jolt in the morning that you can’t always get from caffeine alone. Amity Coffee Roasters know their coffee, making their coffee shop the perfect choice for coffee connoisseurs. And did we mention they have cinnamon rolls?

1. The Mercury Café & Teahouse

Mercury Coffee and Tea coffee shop(image via Instagram)

The café hosts numerous events throughout the month, including bingo nights, trivia nights, and even scary story nights during the month of October. In addition to their exceptional coffee and tea, during the nighttime hours, you can grab some beer, wine, or a cocktail and get some snacks along with it. This place is just plain fun!

Have a weird friend that prefers tea? The Mercury Café & Teahouse has you both covered. As the only Vegetarian Cafe in Historic New Castle, Delaware, The Mercury Café & Teahouse is not only a place where you can grab a cup of coffee but a place where you can also hang out.



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