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The past couple of years have been anything but relaxing. With everyone and their mother (literally) trapped at home and no vacation in sight, it’s no wonder everyone’s itching to explore again. And as the 2020 pandemic stretched into months with no end in sight, people got desperate. Everyone collectively decided it was the perfect time to adopt a puppy, from lonely singles to stir-crazy couples. What a lovely decision! Perhaps being trapped in your house wasn’t so bad if it meant endless puppy playtime, walks around the neighborhood, and snuggles on the couch. But then reality set in, and we all got back to work. Sure, we had all the time in the world a few months ago, but now? We have to get out of this house! Enter the Halo Collar…

As the world opens up again, all dog lovers old and new are scrambling for dog-friendly travel solutions. Taking a dog around the country with only a basic leash and collar seems too dangerous nowadays. Plenty of dogs are all too eager to chew themselves free from restraints and run headlong into traffic the moment you take your eyes off them. And why do we have to implant a chip in our dogs to track them? That seems so invasive and old-fashioned. It’s 2022! Shouldn’t there be an app for this by now? Well, there is! So whether you’re taking Fido on a hike or an impulsive cross-country road trip, we recommend the Halo 2+ Smart Fence and Wireless Collar as the perfect travel accessory.

Overview of the Halo Collar

The Halo 2+ is the most recent iteration of Halo’s 4-part system for “ultimate dog safety.” Specially designed for dogs with plenty of room to explore, the Halo system is unlike any wireless dog fence or electronic on the market. The Halo Collar is an all-in-one wireless fencing system that operates on GPS tracking technology, protecting your dog for up to 10 square miles. The Halo 2+ collar works with a wireless honing beacon and the Halo App to keep you informed on your dog’s whereabouts anytime, anywhere.

Co-founders Ken and Michael Ehrman have 20+ years of experience developing cutting-edge technology that helps solve the everyday problems of consumers. Even better, Halo enlisted world-renowned dog behavioralist Cesar Millan to aid in designing the perfect training regime. So you can trust they have your dog’s best interest in mind.

A few notable Halo Collar features:

  • Location/GPS tracking
  • Activity tracking
  • Real-time alerts
  • Multiple fences
  • Multiple feedback options (sound, vibration, and static)
  • Cutting-edge technology and technology updates
  • No installation required


Halo isn’t the first company to develop an electronic fencing system. Still, theirs is by far the most portable compared to its competitors. Take Invisible Fence, for example. Invisible Fence is “invisible” because professionals lay a wire cable into your yard for it to work, which isn’t “wireless” by our definition. And it’s not very portable, either. That’s where Halo comes in. Wireless fences are designed to contain pets within their owner’s desired area, which Halo has made exceptionally easy. All you have to do is pull up the Halo App‘s virtual map and swipe your finger to set up a fence. Plus, it works anywhere, not just at home! No more canceling plans because you couldn’t get a dog sitter? Halo’s got you covered! Did somebody say “road trip”?

This GPS-based technology allows your dog freedom to explore the world as you travel but without all the fuss. Just install the Halo Beacon and customize the collar — then boom! Halo’s working for you. Plus, a pesky power outage will never make your dog vulnerable to the elements like traditional wireless fences and smart collars. Perhaps it all sounds too good to be true. Still, Halo understands the needs of dog owners, especially big travelers who need a simple safety solution.

“What about portability?” you ask. So simple! All you have to pack is the Halo collar, a charging cable, a Halo beacon, and your phone… It’s that easy! Everything fits inside the Halo collar packaging, making it the perfect travel case that takes up just as much space as the everyday collar. It’s laughable that people still pay thousands to lay an immovable cable in their backyard…


Some people might be skeptical about fences operated entirely by an app and GPS technology. We understand your hesitation. How do you know if wireless technology works if you can’t even see it? As with any wireless fence, expect some boundary training to ensure your pup responds appropriately to prompts. Curious canines with a knack for roaming are especially vulnerable to the dangers of intense travel, and training is necessary to keep them safe. For instance, if your dog doesn’t understand they should “turn around!” when their collar vibrates, you just might find them in a random campground devouring a bag of hot dog buns.

That’s where Cesar Millan’s 21-day training program comes in handy. He guarantees you can train your dog to keep away from sketchy European back alleys. Merely adjusting the collar to the proper fit, customizing the collar’s feedback system, and following Millan’s holistic training plan is all it takes. Remember that the Halo collar includes multiple feedback options to keep your dog from entering dangerous areas — including sounds, vibrations, and “static” prompts. But don’t worry, training with “static” is entirely optional. The experts at Halo recommend clicker training and warning sounds as a preferable alternative. Training takes just under a month then you can be on your way across the country with your dog in tow to enjoy a perfectly safe, stress-free vacation.

Safety Tracking

Half of Halo's safety technology relies on its built-in app. On top of setting up fences and dog training, the Halo App offers a slew of features to help you be the best dog parent you can be while traveling. The Halo 2+ collar includes a monitor that allows owners to track their activity levels. The app reports your dog's adventures from your 20 available fences. Plus, you can locate your dog on the app wherever they are, even if they aren't inside a Halo fence. Helicopter dog parents can tune into how long their pups spend walking, napping, and zooming through new areas. And the particularly antsy owner can even track their dog's vital signs!


Sure, a portable wireless fence sounds perfect for explorers with canine companions. But you can't splash out your travel fund on one product, or there'll be no reason for it! That's why every Halo customer has the freedom to choose how much they pay each month to keep their dog safe. Halo offers three subscription options on top of a one-time fee for the Halo 2+ collar and wireless fence (a discounted price of $699). 

The three subscription plans are listed as follows in order of expense:

  • The Basic Plan ($5 monthly)
  • The Silver Plan ($10 monthly)
  • The Gold Plan ($30 monthly)

With all of the included features, you'll quickly realize that compared to other "wireless" fences that aren't even portable, Halo is a steal for dog owners always on the go! The Basic Plan includes the ability to "create 20 automated fences" with basic tracking features, data storage, and Cesar Millan training lessons. The Silver Plan takes the Basic Plan one step further, providing unlimited support, unique tracking charts, and a manual feedback system to communicate with your pup even without a fence. Last, the Gold Plan includes every feature of the Basic and Silver plans with the addition of premium training sessions every month (some of which are Live) and Q&As with specialists. 

Still Not Convinced?

By now, you know what Halo is all about. You're jazzed that you can instantly create wireless dog fences wherever you travel but afraid of committing to one product? Let's sweeten the deal. The newly released Halo 2+ comes with over 20 hours of battery life, "enhanced GPS" technology, and 50% more coverage than previously available. Halo is only improving, so why not try it on your next vacation? Plus, you can unlock 30 days of FREE access to the Halo Gold Plan with your purchase (limited time only). Remember that they offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee (refunds available) if you're still on the fence. 

In short, the Halo 2+ Wireless Dog Fence + GPS Collar Solution is the best wireless fence for pups on the go. And we mean for dogs going anywhere, not just playing in the backyard! All you want is to keep your dog safe, and Halo can do that for you. From creating instant fences from your phone to tracking your dog's movements in real-time, travelers can't go wrong with this portable, all-in-one solution. Let Halo do the hard work next time you decide to explore Arizona or "glamp" in a lakeside lodge with a pup in tow. You won't be sorry!

So, what are you waiting for? Try out the Halo 2+ Wireless Dog Fence + GPS Collar Solution today!

(All images via Halo Collar)

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